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CPaaS Developer

The CPaaS Developer service provides a robust suite of tools for users to create a project with multiple advanced programmable flows to automatically manage calls, SMS, and other services.

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Easy to Use

Developer Hub tools are very easy to use. It supports Open API to trigger data from external applications to B3Networks’ system. It also supports Programmable Flow which can be used to create automated workflows.

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Self-Service Process

Developer Hub allows each end user to manage their own needs without B3Networks’ assistance. This allows users to manage several things themselves.


Minimum Coding

In the Developer Hub, there is a Programmable Flow tool that allows every end user to make integrations with just drag and drop option with minimum requirement for a lot of script coding.


Multiple Functions

Developer Hub can be used in various use cases and functions, therefore, it can be tailored to the needs of the end-user itself.

Main Features

Robocall & SMS Campaign

Users can create various Robocall or SMS campaigns which will execute different predefined actions to a bulk of customers with just one click.

IP Whitelist

Developers can allow specific IP addresses to call the Open APIs to trigger the Flows.


A Project is the sequence of different flows that collaborate to attain a certain outcome namely Voice, SMS and Workflow. 


Detailed Execution Logs

Detailed execution logs can be accessed that can be filtered by Version, Date Range and Status.


Programmable Flow

Programmable Flow allows users to create automated workflows by gathering resources and performing actions on a diverse set of services.

API Keys

Developer's can generate as well as delete the API keys.

Third Party Integration

Can be used to integrate with third party system like CRM etc, to the B3Networks' Phone System to trigger outgoing phone calls.

Open API

Developers need to authenticate by the API Key in order to call our Open API.

Product Deck

Understand what CPaaS Developer Hub is & its capabilities while providing success stories for illustration

Developer Guide

Understand the prerequisites and familiarize yourself in depth what the Developer Hub has to offer.

Product Specs

Understand how the CPaaS Developer Hub works, product construct, what it's used for and more

 Knowledge Base

This wiki provides detailed instructions on how to use Developer Hub.

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