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Platform Apps

If you are our resellers, you will have a bunch of cutting-edge operations support systems and business support systems to help you manage and maintain your business effectively.

Platform Management

These applications allow you to manage your platform settings and member access, etc.)

Access Control

Decides which member gets access to which platform app

Admin Audit

Audits all actions that have taken place within your portal

Portal Settings

Manages your portal settings and different policies for customers

Customer Onboarding

These applications can be used by your customer onboarding team to manage customers efficiently (e.g. account creation, account management and etc.)


Manages your reseller accounts & decides which product will be visible to which reseller


Manages all your customer accounts & their general information without having to log in to each of them

Price List

Allows the checking & downloading of price list for your products and services


Sets discounts for different resellers and customers

Invoicing & Financing

These applications can be used by your finance team to manage quotations, invoicing, payments and etc.


Allows your sales team to create quotes, invoices and etc.


Used by your finance or billing team to complete finance-related activities

Operation Tools

These applications can be used by your operation team to manage product pricing, special contracts, number inventory, reports and etc.


Manages pricings for your products, DDI numbers, and services

Number Management

Allows your operations team to manage number inventory and etc.

File Management

Stores your monthly reports for invoices, usages, SOA, and revenue

Release V2

Gives your customers early access to product and portal upgrades


Allows fulfilling special contract terms for your resellers/end-customers

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