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Wallboard App is a powerful call center quality monitoring application which enables users to evaluate agent behaviors, enhance service quality, and develop the customer experience. With Wallboard, users are empowered to maximize the impact of the call center quality monitoring processes and remarkably improve the effectiveness and efficiency of customer interactions by providing the call center manager/supervisor with highly useful data about the productivity and performance of call center agents regarding overall queue/company performance and per agent performance.


Wallboard connects with Virtual Line and BizPhone extension for systematic handling of call flow and allows users to create complex call center workflow and reporting on the cloud.


All interactions on one platform

Inbound Interactions

Self-service options, smart call routing, and an intuitive call flow builder help you manage a high volume of inbound calls.

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Outbound Interactions

Using an auto-DNC checker and auto-dialer, you can double your telemarketing efficiency while maintaining full compliance

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Ease Of Use

Easily manage operations and call centers system with minimum technical knowledge.

Rich insights and Analytics

Analyze your KPIs on real-time dashboards and react quickly to the hold time, resolution time, number of people in the queue and more.

Workforce Optimization

Enabling brands to staff agents to work from virtually anywhere in the world and thus provide 24/7 customer service. 

Flexible & Scalable

The on-demand nature of cloud solutions allows true scalability for companies when needed. Easily customize the service anytime for unlimited scalability.

Quality Management  

Recorded calls are for coaching and compliance purposes.


Personalized customer interactions by integrating your call center solutions with your CRM and other business applications. 

Main Features

Role-based access management 

Agent and Supervisor will have separate levels of access and responsibilities

Queue Management

A plethora of features to optimize queue management in your contact center. Service-level, skill attribution, personalized queues, automatic callback options, etc.

Advance Call Routing

With this feature you can make use of Ring All / Round Robin / Skill-based Routing / Sticky Agent, Multi-Line Hunting

Announcement Message

Customize the message content by text and mp3 file, play when the customer waiting in the queue


Monitor your call center in real-time to make quick decisions and improve your operating efficiency

Supervisor Tools

With special tools, supervisors have access to active calls monitoring (call barge, call spy, whisper), queue management, with detailed agent performance history. 

Agent Tools

Agent able to add notes for call on the portal pop-up box, view the call history for customer inquiries and expectation.


Make calls to a bulk of destinations with just one click

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