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VOIP Foundation Course 

Module 2 - Introduction to VOIP's design and operation

About This Course

Introduction - Course Overview

Welcome to this VOIP Course! This course covers the foundation of VOIP, and should provide you with a working knowledge of the protocol that can be applied in everyday work life.

This training is for people who need to understand VoIP technology. IT managers, technical sales/marketing personnel, consultants, network designers and engineers, product design engineers developing integrated-services products, telecom technicians and managers integrating PBX services within data networks, and systems administrators who will manage a converged network would benefit from this course.

Learning Objectives/Outcomes

  • After completing the VOIP Foundation Course - Module 2, learners will have a beginner's understanding of how the technology works


  • Module 2: Design - How does it work?

    • Review

    • How a VoIP Phone System works (backend)

    • SIP Messages

    • SIP Requests & Responses

    • SIP Basic Call Flow

    • SIP Authentication

  • Assessment - 7 Questions (14 points)

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