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Virtual Line

An agile solution for users to instantly set up a professional virtual hotline with customized auto attendant and extensions. Virtual Line allows you to create a multi-layered IVR menu with ring queue and ring group numbers. So no prospect or important customer is left unanswered. Moreover, each layer of the IVR can operate separately with different numbers from 100+ cities in 60+ countries. 

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Easy setup, moves, adds and changes

The user-friendly portal enables non-technical subscribers to instantly setup welcome message, add extensions, and change forwarded number easily within minutes. All changes take effect in real-time.

No operational expenses nor hardware costs

Incoming calls to your company Virtual Line are forwarded to your current mobile, IP phone, softphone or home phone so all costs already include in your monthly subscription and per minute charge.

Multiple international DIDs addon

One single Virtual Line supports international mobile, landline, tollfree, golden DID of 60+ countries, allowing you to show local numbers to customers, thereby increasing sales.

Seamless connectivity

Unite different branch offices, and remote workers into a single hotline as calls are answered wherever you are via softphone, IP phone, mobile phones or desktop.

Minimize missed calls

No prospect or customer is ignored. Virtual Line has linear call hunting that diverts calls to the next line if the first is busy and multi-line hunting that rings as many numbers as you desire.

Main Features

Unlimited layers of automated phone attendant

Customizable Language and Speech settings

Set advanced rules that provide special handling for calls with specific information such as caller ID, date & time,...

3rd-Party Software/ CRM integration

Number blacklist management

Missed call notification via SMS & E-mail

Directing calls to agent group or ring queue

Multiple international DID numbers from 60+ countries

"Text To Speech" or MP3 file upload for IVR message

Office hours and Holiday customization

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