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Teams End-user Short Course

About This Course

Introduction - Course Overview

Microsoft Teams is the most rapidly growing product within Microsoft 365. Rapidly becoming a one-stop-shop collaboration portal for any business. This course will cover using the application for chat, calls, and all-around collaborative working.

The target audience for this course is users who have their daily job done on PC, laptop, and/or mobile devices, using Microsoft tools, and need to enhance their work productivity.

Learning Objectives/Outcomes

  • After completing the Microsoft Teams End-user short course, learners will: 

    • Have an overview of what Microsoft Teams can do for you. 

    • Understand key features to help increase your organization's productivity.

    • Be familiar with Microsoft Teams’ interface for end-users.


  • Part 1 – Microsoft Teams Overview

    • Introduction to Microsoft Teams

  • Part 2 – Getting Started with Microsoft Teams 

    • Sign up for Microsoft Teams

    • The Microsoft Teams Interface

  • Part 3 – Microsoft Teams Features

    • Using Teams and Channels

    • Using Chat and Calls    

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    • Materials for Download

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