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SIP Trunk

SIP App is a reliable trunking solution for better call quality at much lower call charges. The SIP Trunk supports Primary and Secondary SIP registrars. Customers can easily set up their VoIP line with options for automated DNC checking and Call Recording workflow into each and every call. They can also configure fully automated failover with shared caller ID, billing, and usage history.


The SIP application is compatible with most IP Phone brands as well as traditional IP-PBX and PABX systems.


Main Features

Device Compatibility

Our SIP solutions can be used with a wide variety of PBXes, including Fanvil, 3CX, Yealink, Cisco, and many more, adding flexibility and adaptability to your business

Codec Support

Our goal is to accommodate your tastes. B3Networks is compatible with a wide variety of codecs, including G.729. GSM, G.711, and G.711U. Get in touch if you're utilizing any besides the aforementioned codecs

Number Retention

Keeping your current number could be a good idea if it is widely recognized as being associated with your company. Contact us to know more


You can trust us with your data, so we've included safeguards like a country whitelist, IP whitelist, and TLS/SRTP to keep your SIP communications private

Online Tools

Our SIP application has a multitude of online-accessible tools, providing you with the flexibility to grow. They consist of dial plans, devices that are interconnected, and much more.

High Availability

In the event of an emergency, you can redirect all calls coming into your SIP account to another SIP account or a secondary phone number

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This deck helps users to understand how SIP Trunk works & its capabilities 

Knowledge Base

This wiki provides detailed instructions on how to use the SIP Trunk

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