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Monthly Newsletter - June 2021

June is such a busy month for us at B3Networks! Below is a summary of what we have been up to recently.

What's new in our Product?


High Availability Mode This month, we would like to introduce the new SIP feature that will definitely benefit your service - High Availability Mode. When using the Cloud-based service, it is unavoidable that downtime situations may occur anytime. In order to eliminate the negative impact on the customers, we have released this new feature. There are 2 types of backup operation mode: Manual Fail-Over:

  • For handling PBX downtime (Cloud PBX solution or Call Center Solution).

  • Forwarding all the incoming calls to internal or external numbers.

Auto Fail-Over:

  • For handling SIP downtime.

  • Forwarding all the incoming calls to the 2nd SIP Account.


Activities Log Exportation We have enabled the Export button in the Activity Log that allows you to download the CSV file. This feature will support the Supervisor to manage agents’ performance better.


Increase File Size We understand that it is really inconvenient to send multiple faxes separately. Due to this reason, we have increased the fax size from only 20 MB up to 35MB for all of the file types (PDF, PNG, JPG, JPEG, BMP).

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