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B3Networks Academy Service Updates

Updated: Apr 7, 2022

Dear B3Networks Valued Partners,

Let's try out the most inspiring way to say goodbye to March.

What's new in our Products?

1. Wallboard:

2. Manage Organization:

3. IP Phones Devices:

4. Number Management:



Agent's Status - Away

Agent status is a feature that allows call center agents to display their circumstances to the rest of the team.

The additional option - Away - provides a more specific indicator. It is the most helpful way to show your entire team what each agent is up to and whether or not they are free to take calls.

Briefly, our system is now supporting the following statuses:

  • Available : The agent is free to make and receive calls.

  • Away : The agent is away from her/his devices or The agent has missed 3 calls continuously so the system will automatically change it.

  • Busy : The agent is unavailable to make and receive calls for any number of reasons.

  • Offline : The agent is not signed in to the call center.


Manage Organization

Members - Export Pending Invites

Exporting is a crucial step in managing your data. There are many reasons why you may need this action. For example, backup data in the database so you can restore it if it’s lost. Another common scenario is that you can compare with the original data to avoid duplication.

For this reason, our team supports creating the Export button for your convenience.

Follow the below steps to “Export the Pending Invites List”:

  1. Go to Manage Organization, and choose the Members tab.

  2. Select the Pending alert at the top of the page.

  3. Click the Export button to download the CSV file.


IP Phones Devices

EOL Supporting Old Model Devices

Due to the upgrading of the system, we will stop supporting the auto-provision function for the following models.



Firmware Version



T21P E2














For the supporting models, please visit our website for more information.


Number Management

Add Bulk Numbers

There is no longer manual work to add individual numbers to the Number Management app. We now provide you the option to import a thousand numbers in 1 click.

Your convenience is our happiness!!!

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