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Global DNC

  • Global DNC - the first integrated Do-Not-Call checking system that provides a better and safer way for your telemarketing activities.

  • Global DNC offers you a fully automated tool that checks your calls, SMSes, Faxes against DNC and your internal blacklist in real-time, ensuring complete legal compliance with optimal efficiency for your telemarketing efforts.


Automated DNC Checking

Our business solution ensures that all incoming and outgoing calls and messages are checked against the National Do-Not-Call Registry before proceeding in accordance with predetermined business policies.

Screen Shot 2022-10-25 at 12.02.55 PM.png

Main Features

Compatible with IP phones, mobile & desktop. Safety is guaranteed wherever you are making call

DNC call barring services for your office’s IP-PBX phone system

Compliance window to trace tele-activities and create audit trails

Check an unlimited no of numbers at any one time with results available within 24 hours

Consent management to add in and amend the internal company blacklist/whitelist

License management to assign staffs and agents to use the app

Multiple accounts within the organization can be synced when anyone updates anything

With B3Networks' DNC, you can immediately begin calling without first manually verifying PDPC

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