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Direct Line

  • Direct Line is a call-forwarding app that allows you to stay connected with your business even when you are at home, on the road, or overseas.

  • It can ring up to 6 local or international numbers at one time, assuring that you will never miss an important call.


Main Features

Call Forwarding

As a business, we know it's crucial for you to maintain constant contact. Our 'Direct Line' app complements this by letting you divert all your urgent calls to six different phone lines simultaneously

Missed Call Notification

The importance of some calls never wanes. If you happen to miss one, you can rest assured knowing that you will receive an email with the caller's information.

Working Hour Setting

Everybody needs to put in some time at the office, but they also need some time to relax. That's why you can set your own schedule for calls during regular business hours

Number Blocking

Hate telemarketing calls? You can count on us to come up with an answer to that problem. Just block that number and you will never receive calls from them again

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