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CPaaS Auto Attendant
Prerequisite & Configuration

About This Course

Introduction - Course Overview

Hello and welcome back to B3Networks Academy.


We are excited to introduce you to a new series of e-learning modules. This video, CPaaS Auto Attendant L2: Pre-requisite and Configuration, will teach you everything you need to know in one place, simplified and straightforward. This module is intended for Support Teams and Project Managers who want to learn how to use and configure a B3Networks CPaaS Auto Attendant. The e-learning video will be divided into three smaller parts, with a mini quiz between each part to help you review your knowledge.


Finally, at the end of the video, a short assessment will be prepared for you.


Have fun learning with us!

Learning Objectives/Outcomes

  • By the end of the e-Learning video, the learners should be able to:

    • Explain the features of the CPass Auto Attendant.

    • Demonstrate how to Provision and Use the CPass Auto Attendant.

    • Use the acquired knowledge to make changes & apply these to the above-mentioned apps and solutions.


  • Learning Objectives​

  • Part 1 & Mini Quiz 1

  • Part 2 & Mini Quiz 2

  • Part 3 & Mini Quiz 3

  • Assessment - 15 questions

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    • Materials for Download

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