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CPaaS Auto Attendant

It is an agile solution for users to instantly set up a professional virtual hotline with customized auto attendants and extensions. 

Allows users to greet customers with personalized messages and manage service requests efficiently by creating a multi-layered IVR (Interactive Voice Response) menu with specific call flows and conditions.

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Upgrade company image

A polished Auto Attendant greeting gives your company an immediate professional veneer. 

Reduce operational cost

It is a fantastic way for organizations to save money while still directing callers in the right direction - all without necessary onboarding time.

Consistent quality of service

It offers a consistent and uniform experience to your customers with or without supervision.

24/7 call handling

It is possible to handle calls easily and effectively 24 hours a day & 7 days a week.

Faster call handling

A well-structured Auto Attendant will make sure your caller will reach the appropriate party faster.

Main Features

Unlimited layers of automated phone attendant

Multiple supported languages and accents for TTS (text-to-speech) function

Set advanced rules that provide special handling for calls with specific information such as caller ID, date & time,...

Integrable with third party (e.g. Webhook)

Call hunting : Ring queue and Ring group

Multiple international DID numbers from 60+ countries

Stage Inbound Callers To Departments With On Hold Messaging Features

Office hours and Holiday customization

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