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Cloud PBX

Cloud PBX solution is a cloud-based, modular Call Management System designed to replace the traditional PABX systems of our customers. We provide a user-friendly, web-based complete telephony system for users to manage their workflows.

Our scalable solution involves Virtual Line, Bizphone, Call Recording, and Global DNC components providing basic functions such as multi-layered call flows, call transfer, call forwarding, call recording, conference, missed call notification, voicemail, Singapore DNC checking, BLF, and integration with third-party software using modern microservices architecture.

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Compliance and Security

All calls are recorded for regulation and compliance purposes.

Cost & Time Efficient

Saves cost and time on server maintenance and equipment upgrades. Provisioning and setup is quick and simple via a user-friendly web interface. 


Allows businesses to easily scale up or down in proportion to business requirements.

Real-time Monitoring 

The system gives users access to real-time statistics and monitoring of all the activities in the PBX. Call logs & reports can easily be extracted, call recordings can be played back right away.


Cloud PBX empowers users to connect from anywhere and everywhere, using any VoIP device of their choice. 


The system allows for customized or out-of-the-box integrations with third-party softwares to fulfill more advanced workflows as required.

Main Features

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Incoming Call Filtering

Set advanced rules that provide special handling for calls with specific information (caller, date,...)

Time-dependent call handling

Set up different incoming call rules for different times of the day, including office hours, after office hours, or even public holidays

Simultaneous Ring

The work phone, mobile phone, and home phone can all ring simultaneously when you receive a call.

Call Group

Allow calls to be forwarded to multiple users at once which will ring simultaneously

Caller ID Control

Support making anonymous calls or choosing any assigned numbers as a Caller ID.

Role-based Access Control

Different roles will have different permissions to access configuration and organization data

Call Recording

Allow automatically recording all incoming and outgoing calls - or doing it on demand

Auto Attendant

Unlimited layers of automated phone attendants with multiple supported languages and accents

Busy Lamp Field

Allow operators to view their users' status (e.g., busy or available) from their IP Phones 

Music & Message On Hold

Create fun and interesting on-hold experiences for your callers by uploading your music or messages.

3 Way Conference Calls

By simply selecting a button on your phone you can quickly add another caller to the conversation

Integrable with third parties

We support integrating with Freshdesk, Zendesk, CRM ticketing system,...

Product Deck

Understand how Cloud PBX works & its capabilities while providing use cases for illustration


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Feature List

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Call Recording

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Virtual Line

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Global DNC

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