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Call Center Solution

Our all-in-one Call Cener solution delivers the features of a complete professional call center that enables clients to select the most convenient mode of communication with your brand. With this solution, you can monitor and control performance indicators to maximize work productivity and empower your organization so your workforce can communicate anywhere, anytime. 

Various self-service options and intelligent IVR which are incorporated with smart routing functionality can assist your clients to reach out to the respective departments or agents who can solve their problems as fast as possible. 


Our Call Center can even act as an auto-dialer for clients who need to run sales marketing campaigns that can carry out automated call campaigns. Especially, for Singapore enterprises, we are the ONLY provider offering a fully automated tool that checks your calls, SMSes, and Fax messages against Singapore DNC Registry and your internal company blacklist/whitelist in real-time, ensuring complete legal compliance with optimal efficiency for your telemarketing efforts.

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All interactions on one platform

Inbound Interactions

Self-service options, smart call routing, and an intuitive call flow builder help you manage a high volume of inbound calls.


Outbound Interactions

Using an auto-DNC checker and auto-dialer, you can double your telemarketing efficiency while maintaining full compliance

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Limited Maintenance & Admin Requirements

Easily manage operations with a minimum technical obligation.

Comprehensive Insight

All data, including SLA, abandoned rate, average wait time, average call duration, are gathered to give you a rich source of customer intelligence.

Improved Performance

Performance statistics are available for all levels, whether agent, team or company.

Mobility & Flexibility

Able to connect anywhere and anytime on our Mobile/Desktop application.

Unrestricted Scalability

Easily customize the service anytime according to the business size no matter how big or small your company is.

Greater Work Efficiency

Pop-up with answer script and notes taking section for better customer interaction and task handling.


All conversations are recorded for the sake of regulation and compliance.

Seamless Integration

Auto Do-Not-Call Numbers filtering and CRM integration tools give you the automation and insight that truly drive your productivity.

Cost Savings

Cut overall cost by spending less on devices, device management, and support.

Main Features

Generic Functions

  • Agent management

    • View real-time agent status & SLA

    • Insight on individual performance

  • Call control & note-taking

    • Call barge, call spy, call whisper, call hold, force hang up​

    • Call recording

    • Popup on desktop and web portal when a call comes in

  • Security & Reliability

    • User permission settings

    • Hotdesking with pin login​

  • Others

    • Multiple devices supported

    • ​Interoperability with Legacy PBX/Analog Lines via Gateway

    • Auto-provisioning for supported IP Phones

    • SMS post-call survey

Inbound Functions

  • Call flow design

    • Unlimited layers of menu options​

    • Visual & voice interactive menu

    • Webhooks to deliver data to 3rd party apps in real time

    • Inbound callers blacklist: prevent spam calls

  • Queue management​

    • Queue priority settings ​

    • Automated callback with valid number pattern detection

  • Intelligent call routing​

    • Round robin, ring all, skill-based routing, or based on past agent interactions

  • Caller announcement message​

    • Text to speech / mp3 file upload 

    • Multi-lingual capabilities & speech settings

    • Announcement of queue position & estimated wait time

    • Music on hold

Outbound Functions

  • Auto-dialer

    • Bulk upload of numbers​

    • Preview & progressive dialers

    • Customizable dial plans

  • DID number management​

    • Outbound caller ID management​

    • Supports calls to international, toll-free, landline, mobile & golden numbers in >70+ countries

  • Security & reliability​

    • Auto DNC & blacklist checking in real-time​

    • Company/country whitelist checking

  • Campaigns​

    • Unlimited outbound campaigns​

    • Progressive & preview mode

    • Campaign monitoring & scheduling

  • Others

    • Pull customer info out automatically when call connects​

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