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BizPhone is a VoIP solution with inbuilt features traditionally supported by IP-PBX only and much more. Professionals constantly on the go can switch between Internet Call and Call Back to make calls and get notified of incoming calls. With BizPhone you will not miss a call even when you are out of office.

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Simple setup and upgrade or downgrade

Activation or adding extension can be done within minutes regardless of your geographical location with no IT resources required. Configuring the phone is even simpler that you can do it all yourself.

Simultaneously ring 

Worry no more about missing important calls because your incoming calls can now be answered either on your landline phone, mobile phone or even your colleagues’ phones. 

Low off-net call rate and free on-net calls

With Bizphone, you can call anywhere in the world at literally a fraction of the rates you would normally pay. Best of all, you can make unlimited calls to numbers of the same network for free.

DID in 60+ countries

We provide landline, mobile, toll-free or golden DID numbers of more than 60 countries and also support number retention - port in numbers from Singtel so that you can have local presence in multiple countries.

Calls from multiple devices

If you don’t want to get any new sophisticated equipment, you can use our service on your PC, mobile phone with softphone. Bizphone is also compatible with most SIP enabled devices  in case you prefer using landline phones.

Integration with other apps

Bizphone integrates with Virtual Line, Call Recording, Global DNC to form a complete Global PBX solution that checks all your telemarketing calls against DNC registry and your company's centralized blacklist.

Main Features

Caller ID Control

Allows you to choose which Caller ID your recipients will see on their phone

Usage Limit

Easily control your users' usage by giving a duration limit for each month

Call Group

Allow calls to be forwarded to multiple users at once which will ring simultaneously

Multiple Devices

Offers you a wide variety of access, whether

sip-enabled devices, mobile, PC, desktop, or Web browsers to work wherever you choose

Hot Desking

Allows your users to share IP phones among themselves. With a few simple login steps, these devices will be theirs, with all data synced

Call Recording

With the Call Recording add-on service, you can automatically record incoming and outgoing calls

Call Waiting

Allows you to receive another call when you are on phone with your customer

3 Way Conference Calls

By simply selecting a button on your phone you can quickly add another caller to the conversation

Conference Room

Allows you to create a room where internal extensions and external numbers can join the meeting at the same time

Busy Lamp Field

Allows a monitor extension to see the status of other extensions and pick up calls for them if needed

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